Sunday, December 16, 2007

Terra Incognita (and the years) rolls ever onwards

Okay, so I haven't got as many episodes done this weekend as I'd intended! Episode 22 and 23 have been uploaded to and await the tender mercies of the guys to massage them both onto the Terra Incognita title page.

There's also a new page been added to my Web Site that links to Variant Frequencies' The Failed Cities Monologues: Hath A Darkness.

Also been listening to some new music (well new for me anyway)

John Barrowman portrays Captain Jack Harkness in both Doctor Who and Torchwood.

His latest album - Another Side - has recently been released and from the brief excerpts available to listen to at his web site it sounds like a very good piece of work.

Admittedly John Barrowman isn't my regular 'kind' of music (Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Coldplay), but the man has one hell of a voice and I have to say that this is worth a look.

I've also been listening to Rogue Traders. They are an Australian band who I've recently become aware of through Doctor Who - strange how that program seems to link to other things...

For those who watch The Doctor, the song used as the Toclafane descend from the rift in the sky is Voodoo Child from the album Here Come The Drums. Drums being something of a constant torment for The Master since childhood...

This weekend I'd intended to complete the long job of cutting Praedari, the sequel to Terra Incognita, into dialogue sections ready for recording next year. Didn't get that finished, although I did manage to do five chapters, leaving seven to do.

Another job I wanted to get done was producing the audio files (mp3, stereo, 256Kbps @ 44.1Khz) for Terra Incognita. requires 128Kbps @ 44.1Khz Joint Stereo and as I'm creating a complete set of audio CDs for everyone who leant their voice to a character, I want to do a high quality version ;-) Unfortunately, I only got seven episodes of that done :-(

Most of this has been the result of watching Doctor Who Series Three and 2/3 of Torchwood series One. Although I have found time to listen to the StarShip Sofa Spider Robinson interview - very good. If you've not come across StarShip Sofa and like science fiction, I'd highly recommend checking the Podcast out!

And finally... Battlestar Galactica: RAZOR is due to air on Tuesday. It's a bit of a tough one that as I really do want to watch it, but to see it all in one go - on air - will mean that my other half will have to wait at the airport until it's finished. Somehow, I suspect she won't be pleased with that. So it'll be recorded and we'll have to watch it later off air.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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Anonymous said...

Hey, Gary. Thanks for the Hath a Darkness love, man. Very cool of you. I shall have to put Terra Incognita on my hit list.